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20 Point Exam for 20/20 Vision

20 Point Exam for 20/20 Vision

During EVERY Comprehensive Exam we check:

1. Visual Acuities (reading the eye chart)

2. Color Vision

3. 3D vision

4. Peripheral Vision

5. Blood Pressure

6. Pressures for Glaucoma (no puff involved!)

7. Refraction for Eyeglass Prescriptions

8. Pupil Testing for Neurological Health

9. Eye Muscle Movement

10. Binocular Balancing, and the need for Prism in eyeglasses

11. Eyelids and lashes for bacterial overgrowth and tear film deficiency

12. Cornea and Conjunctiva for diseases, disorders, foreign bodies and allergic responses

13. Anterior Chamber Angle for the possibility of Narrow Angle Glaucoma

14. Cataract evaluation

15. Vitreous and Retinal Structures for Retinal Breaks, Tears, Detachments or other disorders

16. Optic Nerve for Glaucoma or other pathology

17. Retinal blood vessels for Diabetes or Blood Pressure-related disorders

18. Macular Degeneration risk assessment

19. Your Medical and Ocular History

20. And then we educate about your eye health and answer any questions


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