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Dilation and/or Retinal Imaging

Optomap Retinal Exam:

· Comprehensive, dilated-view of the retina

· Only takes 1/4 of a second per eye

· No blurry vision or light sensitivity

· Saved image to compare for any future changes

· Only costs $25

· Only available in Liverpool Location

Dilated Retinal Exam:

· Comprehensive, dilated-view of the retina

· Takes 20 extra minutes for drops to work

· Blurry vision and light sensitivity for 3 – 6 hours

· No saved image for future comparison

· Covered as part of the exam

We do need to inform you that even if you choose the Optomap, the doctor may still ask to dilate you, if

necessary, for further evaluation.



Important Insurance Changes
We have updates in our office procedures, technology we are using to keep you safe, and insurance changes.
Please check our “Doctor’s Announcement During the COVID-19 Outbreak” for more details and to see Dr. Malara’s update video. Follow this link to see if the insurance changes will affect you.