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Dr. Matthew Durkin

Doctor photo

Dr. Matthew Durkin grew up in the Rochester, NY area where he graduated from Webster High School. He graduated magna cum laude from Gannon University and salutatorian from Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Durkin has practiced optometry in Norwich, NY, Albany, NY and Syracuse, NY since 1999. We are excited to utilize his expertise in comprehensive medical eye exams, contact lens fitting, children and adult vision care, low vision therapy, and geriatric care. He desires to educate and inform patients as he goes through the examination process.


drmalara optomap

Dr. Durkin and the Optomap


drmalara oc migraine

Dr. Durkin discussing Occular Migraines


Flashes Floaters and Retinal Detachments

Dr Durkin - Flashes Floaters and Retinal Detachments