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Warranties and Peace of Mind Guarantee

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Peace of Mind Guarantee

If, for any reason within the first year, your glasses are lost or destroyed-we will replace your eyeglasses with an identical pair for only 50% of the retail cost.

Prescription Accuracy Program

We suggest you allow 7-10 days to adjust to your new eyewear. If you are unable to adapt, we will recheck and remake your lenses (if a change is indicated) with the same type of lenses, free of charge with-in 30 days

Two-year Frame Warranty

Except for frames in our value packages, all of our frames come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, under normal wear and tear. The damaged frame must be re-turned for credit. If the original frame is no longer available, a comparable frame may be substituted. Our value package frames have a one-year warranty

One-year Lens Warranty

A state of the art scratch coating has been applied to the surface of your lens that makes it more scratch resistant. In the event your lenses become significantly scratched we will replace each lens onetime within 12 months of normal wear and tear.

No hidden service fees, no hassle, no questions– just Peace of Mind.

2_Peace_of_Mind_Guarantee_logoCaring For Your Eyewear

Take care of your new eyewear like you would any optical device:

  • Avoid direct heat.
  • Never place glasses face down.
  • Always remove large dirt particles with warm water first, then use soft cloth or tissue.
  • If you get paint on your lenses allow us to clean them for you.
  • Never use ammonia (window cleaner)on your anti-reflective coated lenses.
  • Remember, when your glasses are off your face, they should be in your case.

Important Insurance Changes
We have updates in our office procedures, technology we are using to keep you safe, and insurance changes.
Please check our “Doctor’s Announcement During the COVID-19 Outbreak” for more details and to see Dr. Malara’s update video. Follow this link to see if the insurance changes will affect you.