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Oakley Prizm Video Gaming Lens and Frames

Whether you are a professional gamer (or want to be) or just someone who is trying to achieve the best vision while reducing digital eyestrain, this new technology of lenses could be a game-changer! With our ever-increasing digital world, we are happy to provide the latest research-has-to-offer to keep your eyes comfortable all day and all night. Talk with our opticians about frames will maximize your comfort with the headsets that enhance your gaming experience. This is just one more way we are always committed to providing “Professional Eyecare with a Personal Touch.”

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Don’t sacrifice contrast and color just to reduce digital eyestrain. This new technology of Prizm Gaming Blue Light Blocking lenses increases contrast and clarity to enhance your digital experience. Some gamers say they don’t like the yellow hue of normal blue light blocking lenses. Oakley has minimized this residual color, so you look like yourself while you see like a professional gamer.

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Blue light blockers have become an important topic, especially in the last few years. But not all blue light blocking lenses are created equal. Here are some science-supported numbers that show the quality that we are committed to bringing you and your family.

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