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Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Herpes zoster, or shingles, is an infection of the nervous system with a strain of the herpes virus.  It causes a characteristic rash and blistering usually limited to one side of the body along the path of a nerve.  A Herpes zoster attack may begin with skin pain followed by a rash and blisters.
    The eye may become involved in Herpes zoster infections.  Vision may become affected and the eyes appear red.  This may remain a minor inflammation of the cornea or may become more severe with deeper involvement.  While there are medications that can diminish the length, discomfort, and effects of a Herpes zoster infection, there is no cure.  These medications can include antivirals, steroids, and pain medications.  Scarring and chronic, long-term pain in the affected area can be a frustrating complication of this infection.  Careful attention to my treatment plan is necessary.  Always report changes in vision, and/or, an increase in symptoms immediately.
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