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Retinoschisis is a condition where the retina splits apart in a small area.  The retina is like plywood, with many layers, and sometimes the layers separate.  In the retina, this splitting apart occurs in an area of the retina responsible for vision in the outer periphery.  Most patients with retinoschisis are asymptomatic and do not develop problems.  A very small percentage of patients with these observations develop a retinal detachment.  Retinoschisis should be monitored with frequency and patients are urged to report any changes in vision promptly.


Important Insurance Changes
We have updates in our office procedures, technology we are using to keep you safe, and insurance changes.
Please check our “Doctor’s Announcement During the COVID-19 Outbreak” for more details and to see Dr. Malara’s update video. Follow this link to see if the insurance changes will affect you.