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Drusen and RPE DegenerationDrusen, often called exudates, are yellowish, round, dome-shaped deposits of cholesterol and triglycerides deep in the retina.   Peripheral retinal drusen are usually a benign condition that increases with age, and in most cases, produces little consequence.  Peripheral drusen are generally not an indication of high cholesterol.  As with any degenerative retinal condition, a careful examination of the retina should be performed at least once yearly to make sure there are no increases in amount or an observation of new drusen in the central areas of your retina, especially near the optic nerve and macula.



Important Insurance Changes
We have updates in our office procedures, technology we are using to keep you safe, and insurance changes.
Please check our “Doctor’s Announcement During the COVID-19 Outbreak” for more details and to see Dr. Malara’s update video. Follow this link to see if the insurance changes will affect you.