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Dermatitis identifies an inflammatory condition of the skin.  Sudden or persistent swelling and redness are characteristic, along with some degree of itching or burning.  In the extreme, there can be blisters, oozing, scaling and crusting.  Dermatitis has many forms and many causes.
    Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized as a chronic inflammation of the tissues surrounding the eye.  It typically involves the scalp, brows, face, and eyelid margin.  The cause is unknown however it is thought that hormone imbalances, infection, nutritional factors, and emotional stress may play some role.  This annoying condition usually begins around puberty and persists into old age.  Light skinned persons are more commonly involved.
    Treatment generally involves the same form of treatment associated with dandruff-like conditions.  When necessary, therapeutic treatments are very effective in reducing symptoms.

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