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Eye Health & Emergencies

Learning about your eye health can be complicated - and might even seem overwhelming at first. Eye Anatomy Paid Depositphotos_22304043_xs

To simplify things for our patients, we've created our Eye Conditions & Glossary, a comprehensive library of vision-related information. We invite you to browse through our library to find information that will help you better understand how your vision works, common eye conditions, surgeries and how your vision changes as you age.

Some common Eye Conditions that are looked up are:

  • glossaryEye problems can range from mild to severe; some are chronic, while others may resolve on their own, never to appear again. The articles below will give you a basic understanding of some of these problems and their implications. The cardinal rule is if your eyes don't look good, feel good or see well, you should visit your doctor.  
  • Every age presents changes in vision and eye health.  When should children have their eyes checked?  When should someone consider contact lenses?  Why can't I read now that I'm over 40?  What can I expect to happen as I age and what should I do about it?  Let's answer these questions and more...

  • Click here to answer your frequently asked qustions.

  • While certainly not a complete eye care dictionary, the EyeGlass Guide Glossary covers many of the common eye care conditions, terms and technology you’ll commonly discuss with your eye care professional.
  • Read more about some of the most common eye diseases including cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.
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