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Contact Lens Success

We are committed to working with you to achieve a GREAT result! We are your partners in contact lens care for the next year.

  • All of your contact lens follow up visits are covered for the next 365 days.
  • We can replace many ripped or defective lenses.
  • You may save an EXTRA $5 per box on an annual supply purchase, as well as manufacturer rebates, unless prohibited.
  • Your contact lenses can be direct shipped to your home or office for FREE with an annual supply.
  • You will receive 30% off a pair of glasses with the purchase of an annual supply.
  • $50 off sunglasses with contact lens exam. Oakley® sunglasses are excluded.




Important Insurance Changes
We have updates in our office procedures, technology we are using to keep you safe, and insurance changes.
Please check our “Doctor’s Announcement During the COVID-19 Outbreak” for more details and to see Dr. Malara’s update video. Follow this link to see if the insurance changes will affect you.